In the mid of 2016, we launched a Hausa website called Bakandamiya. The site was designed partly like a community platform – members could post contents and interact with one another. But, most importantly, our goal with the website was to establish a massive, all-in-one avenue where people could exchange ideas about education, science, culture, history and development – part of the main reason we termed it ‘Dandalin Musayar Basira,’ meaning, ‘a platform for an exchange of ideas.’

Therefore, we made one of the significant features of the site to be a blog, where people could write articles on various topics of interests related to the theme of the website. For example, we have numerous articles on science and invention, Hausa language and culture, modern and traditional Nigerian food recipes, analyses on social issues affecting northern Nigeria, Nigeria at large and Africa.

As we worked on providing a vast pool of resources for Hausa readers in Nigeria and around the world, one of the significant challenges we faced (and we’re still facing) was finding a photo or the right image that would always accompany our articles. We would spend just about 20 – 30 minutes editing an article, but nearly an hour or more searching for a suitable image to go with it. There was a considerable lack of images depicting northern Nigerian contexts, especially when it comes to portraying life in rural areas. In fact, there was a general lack of photos that tell stories about Africa apart from a few scenes uploaded online by foreign tourists.

The existence of the gap that we explained above necessitated the establishment of something, and so, came the birth of Suura.

Suura is a Hausa word that means ‘figure’ or ‘appearance.’ It has its origin from the Arabic word ‘Sura,’ which means ‘photo.’

To us, this website represents the appearance of northern Nigeria, Nigeria and Africa. It is a place where publishers like us can find the right images they’ve been looking for to tell their stories. It is also for photographers (and photo enthusiasts) and travellers who captured African sights and sounds and would like to share it with the world, most importantly, it’s a free online community where members can share free copyright photos and videos.

Everyone is free to sign up to upload photos and videos provided they legally claim the right to the images and the videos, and they accept that the public can use the pictures and the videos freely, but without causing any damage to anyone, individual or organisation.

We, therefore, invite you to sign up for Suura, an African gallery for publishers, photographers and travellers. Click here to sign up for free.

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